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2nd Annual OPP Kindness Contest
Opened Thursday, December 15, 2016
Closes Midnight Sunday, March 5, 2017 !

Submit up to 2 (two) original & unpublished poems per entry that speak on Kindness.
(Poems shared on personal blog sites are acceptable.)
•Simultaneous submissions are alright but notify us ASAP if accepted elsewhere.
•  There is No Submission Fee
Winning poems (1st, 2nd, 3rd & Honorable Mentions) will receive a copy of
the Kindness anthology (published via Amazon).
NOTE:  Not all entries will be included in the Anthology, but if your work is selected,
a copy will be offered at cost + shipping & handling. We make every effort to keep the S&H fee minimal.
Our Finalist Judge is Mary Ann Mayer (Bio page)
                                                               The Best of Kindness 2016 (Amazon)
Click above for the Kindness 2016 winning collections (1-2-3 & Honorable Mentions).

Recent Origami Microchaps Published

Every Microchap can be dowloaded as a sincle-page PDF; click the Title to read/print/fold.
Coming Soon*
Origami microchaps by John Grey, Bob Carlton, Claude Clayton Smith,
Linda M. Crate, Swati Ghatpande, Greg Hill, Leah Mueller, Helen Burke, Robert Beverage
& others
plus a Random Acts of Poetry edition by Frankie King Gartner
*Coming Soon - in whatever order we manage to present!
We begin our 9th Year!
February 2017
coming soon...
Cover: Glacier by Lauri Burke
You by Karlo Sevilla
Cover: Vessels by Jan Keough

Should've, Would've, Could've

Should've stayed lingering from afar,
just outside the periphery of your ambiguity,
and left sensations of flesh,
bone and breathing unrealized,
and thus mere flickers of a candle flame.

Could've distanced myself
from this inextinguishable fire;
would've escaped the irreversible fall...

But the tightrope I was walking
had been teetering to begin with --
noun sloughing off its adjective.
Karlo Sevilla © 2017

Karlo Sevilla:  Freelance writer from Quezon City, Poems featured in Philippine and international publications
Everyday, Relief by M.J. Iuppa
Cover art: Captured by Jan Keough


                                                                         Yesterday, without warning, wind
                                                                         filled up the trees with enough sway
                                                                         that all those yellow leaves shook
                                                                         loose & spilled, like so many coins
                                                                         spinning onto the rain-slicked road.
                                                                         I watched wind work its way under,
                                                                         up & over in endless repetition until
                                                                         all the leaves became a lonely echo
                                                                         of what I thought was always there.
                                                                                      M.J. Iuppa © 2017
Several poems have been previously published and are acknowledged within this microchap.
Widely published, M.J. Iuppa lives on a small farm near the shores of Lake Ontario.
Cover art: Galaxy by Sophie Palmer

Energy Laws

                                                                           She stopped loving him,
                                                                           for she created her love,
                                                                           but he destroyed it.
                                                                           She keeps saying this
                                                                           in hope to defy physics.
                                                                           Love is energy
                                                                           one neither creates,
                                                                           nor destroys.
                                                                           Love is constant,
                                                                           love’s forms are many.
                                                                          Sasha A. Palmer © 2017
Poems featured in CAST  have previously appeared in personal blogs.
Sasha A. Palmer tries to follow the motto she has created: Live for the Love of it!
Visit her at www.sashaapalmer.com
January 2017
Cover: Tall Grass Prairie by Lauri Burke


                                                                                  Sunflower glories   
                                                                                  along the road   
                                                                                  and goldenrod bright   
                                                                                  amid dark grass   
                                                                                  and other plants   
                                                                                  of summer’s growth.
                                                                                  Trees dark green   
                                                                                  with deep shadows   
                                                                                  and bumper crops    
                                                                                  approaching harvest.
                                                                                  It was a good year.
                                                                                  There was rain   
                                                                                  to fill ponds   
                                                                                  and creeks –   
                                                                                  after years  
                                                                                  of drought.
                                                                                  We will survive.
                                                                          Duane L. Herrmann © 2017

Duane L. Herrmann, is a survivor who lived to tell, does not lie and loves the pure light of the moon
- and trees.He creates from his knowledge and experience. His full-length collections of poetry are:
Ichnographical:173 and Prairies of Possibilities. He has been the recipient of a Robert Hayden Poetry
Fellowship: 1989  and the Ferguson Kansas History Book Award: 2007
Cover: Conception Mandala by Lauri Burke
Acrostic Joy

The joy of inner peace—
like fathoming ocean.
We are years of light
from the soul of the sun.

The joy of inner peace—

Through Heaven’s Evening,
Journeying On Years Of Future Ideas,
Night Narrows Every Road,
Pauses Every Aching Current’s Electricity.
Catherine Zickgraf © 2017
Catherine Zickgraf writes, "Though I love to find increasingly complex ways to write acrostics,
I also love the simplicity of the idea. I hope my poem encourages readers to experiment with this form as well."
Gone by Cathy Barber
Cover: Spring fresco, Akrotiri, Greece - Public Domain
                                                           They were the imagination
                                                           of our planet.  Let us have a bird
                                                           that lives here and spirals so,
                                                           and migrates in a sky-blanketing
                                                           single movement from Quebec to Texas.
                                                           Are wrens and robins
                                                           better than the Dodo?  
                                                          Three wishes, which would you choose?
                                                                Cathy Barber © 2017
        Cathy Barber's poetry has been published recently in Pinyon, SLAB and Kestrel in the anthologies,
        The Cancer Poetry Project 2, which won Midwest Book Awards’ Best Poetry Book of 2013, and
        Changing Harm to Harmony, an anthology about bullying. 
This poem, written in 2010,was published in Canary in 2015 in a slightly different form.

Cover photo: Kloof Street, Cape Town by Lauri Burke
                                                              Incident at Cape Town
                                                                 Crazy laughter
                                                                 Man on Kloof
                                                                 Drunk city night
                                                                 Smothered. Guarded.
                                                                 Raucous motorbike optimism
                                                                 Traffic at a standstill
                                                                 Hear Africa yell
                                                                 Deep-rooted wants
                                                                 Deep-bellied fears
                                                                 Ever-present uncertainty
                                                                 Stopping. Forgetting. Repeating.
                                                                 “We are crazy!”
                                                                 “We are crazy!”
                                                                 “We are crazy!”
                                                                 Doug Norris © 2017
"I call these "Third Life Poems" because they all began as travel blog posts, where they still exist
in cyberspace. Then they received a second life as Wordle images, push-pinned
to a bulletin board.  From the Wordles, I found origami poems." Doug Norris
December 2016
Cover: Heaven & Earth by Lauri Burke
                                                                                     the river ice
                                                                                     long distance call —
                                                                                     the receiver cold
                                                                                     against my ear
                                                                                     Stephen Toft © 2016
(The poet wishes to thank the editors of the following journalswhere some of these poems originally appeared:
Presence, Blithe Spirit, Snapshots and Atlas Poetica.)
Stephen Toft's first collection "the kissing bridge" was published by Red Moon Press in 2008 and in December 2016 Scars Publications released his chapbook "naming a storm: haiku and tanka".
Cover: Violet Night Starfire by Lauri Burke (w/JK adaptation)
                                                                         Chase my tail, swallow fire,
                                                                         eye bright night light,
                                                                         a site for soaring hearts,
                                                                         liminal spirit, spirited away
                                                                         before day dawns: I am
                                                                         fox, I am fire, disguised desire,
                                                                         tangled in tales, the lost key
                                                                         to storied myth, stalking, twisting
                                                                         out of reach, but look in my eyes,
                                                                         I’ll teach you the twinkle, sleight of tongue
                                                                         sung down ages in sweet mouths-
                                                                         follow me.
Oz Hardwick © 2016
Cover by Ethar Hamid
Dark Skin
Chai tea with nutmeg goes well with dark skin;
The liquid’s modest shade of brown
Intensifies any rich mahogany
Flesh that handles it.

The amber-colored tea streaming into
My mug gives glory to the deep copper-
Hued hand pouring it. Set against the
Subtle brown tinge of the tea,
The waiter’s hand and forearm look
Like sublime pottery,
His rich brown hue—earthen, pure—
Outdoing the light stream of chai he pours
Into my cup.

Ethar Hamid © 2016
Ethar Hamid is reading, writing, and studying in Virginia.
Visit her publications page at Jannahandme.
Cover: Buddha Texas Tree by  Lauri Burke
Grandfather Oak
I’ll bet if Buddha
had been a Texan

he might have picked
this live oak, older

than the Republic,
have sat right under

the missing limb,
others reaching out

toward enlightenment.
What he might have

known as nirvana
through chigger bite

itching is a koan
ripe for meditation.

Chip Dameron © 2016
The author thanks the Dobie Paisano Fellowship Program for its generous support.
Member of the Texas Institute of Letters and two-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize,
Chip Dameron is the author of eight collections of poetry, including China Sketchbook
(Virtual Artists Collective, 2016). His poems, as well as his essays on contemporary writers,
have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies in the U.S. and abroad. 
Cover: Giantess gives out shit & honey by  Lauri Burke
                                                                      There’s a certain misogyny here,
                                                                      (how large  women are,
                                                                       how demanding)
                                                                       but I think, on balance,   
                                                                       Snorri gets it right  
                                                                       about Odin’s three nights  
                                                                       with the giantess.
                                                                       How poetry  
                                                                       is not only  a fine ferment,
                                                                       but also  
                                                                       carries with it  
                                                                       a history of commotion,
                                                                       the ogre’s bed.  
                                                                       How even  
                                                                       in its origin story,
                                                                       the poet
                                                                       is formed  
                                                                       from spittle,
                                                                       the honey  
                                                                       mixed with blood. 
Nancy Jasper © 2016
Commotion and Another Origin Story first appeared, in somewhat different form, in Nancy’s collection
of Icelandic poems, Egil Is Baffled By Grief-which is now available on Amazon.
* only somewhat in the order to be presented

                  A more complete listing of our microchaps from previous months is on Recent Books page
All Original poetry published is considered for our annual Pushcart Prize recommendations

The Origami Poets

Welcome Poets New to the Origami Poems Project

..February 2017..
Swati Ghatpande
Leah Mueller
..January 2017..
..December 2016..
..November 2016..
..October 2016..
Ho Cheun Lee (Peter) Ed.D.



Other Poets New to the OPP

• Neil Leadbeater • Mo Soulis • Rick Henry • Christina Sng • James Croal Jackson • ayaz daryl Nielsen •
(Peruse Pick a Poet page where poets are properly compiled alphabetically by first name - pleasantly)
2016 Contributing Poets & Some of our Microchap Covers

Ana Prudaru, ayaz daryl Nielsen, Bill Sullivan, Bob Carlton, Bradley McIlwain, Chip Dameron,
Christina Sng, Daniel Blokh, Donald C. Welch III, Ethar Hamid, Garrett Phelan, Helen Burke,
Ho Cheun Lee, James Croal Jackson, Jason Heroux, JD DeHart, Jeff Ingram,
  Joan Leotta,Joyanne O’Donnell, Judy Heaney-McGee, Lori Lamothe, Mark Danowsky, Martin Willitts Jr.,
Mary Ann Mayer, Miriam Sagan, Mo Soulis, Nancy Jasper, Neil Leadbeater, Nettie Farris,
Oz Hardwick, Peg Quinn, Regina Green, Rick Henry, Robert Okaji, Stephen Toft, Tricia Marcella Cimera
Coming Soon - another 'Friends Make Things Better'
We were moved by Judy Heaney-McKee's posting and asked to translate her observations into a
Random Acts of Poetry microchap.  She generously agreed and we are happy
to share her thoughts with you. See more on our Random Acts page.
RANDOM ACTS OF POETRY was created to support worthy causes.
Contact us for more information at origamipoems (at) gmail.com

Oh-So-Nice Comments

 See "Origami Sightings" page for full list of Nice Comments
I’m delighted that you will be publishing “At Paisano Ranch.” Your microchaps are such wonderful ways to get poems out and
share them for free. I love the idea. And yes, I’m sure Buddha would have loved chaps!
Chip Dameron, Texas, 11/23/2016
Hi Jan (& team), I'm so pleased & excited that you're going to be publishing The Firefox Suite - it's made may day!
Oz Hardwick, Northern UK, 11/20/2016
Wow! This is gorgeous. I love the cover art, and can’t wait to let people know of our beautiful little book.
Thanks for publishing it.
Robert Okaji, Texas, 10/19/2016
Thank you very much for sending the draft. I have checked it over and there are no amendments.
Please thank Lauri Burke for the illustration which fits in nicely with the title. 
Neil Leadbeater, England, 9/14/2016
Hi Origami!  love what you do
Miriam Sagan, New Mexico, 7/22/2016
Dear editors, I truly enjoy reading the micro chaps you provide for free and wanted to submit six of
my poems for consideration. The general topic of the collection is living in the moment
and/or trying to live as freely as possible, despite handicaps, old age
or other hardships. Thanks for taking a look.
Ana Prundaru, Switzerland, 7/7/2016
Looks great. As usual, Ms. Burke's cover art matches the content beautifully.
Bob Carlton, Texas, 6/18/2016
Thanks for all the work you do!
Rick Henry, New York, 6/15/2016
I just happened upon your site when looking for an April is Poetry Month project for our teens in the library. I would love to be able to have a micro-chapbook display. I see that there are "self-stocked" libraries in Rhode Island but I know it is too late for me to request a sampling.

I would like to make sure that it is okay for us to use the PDF printables and hold a "pay it forward" in the library. So, our teens would fold the PDF's that we print off and pass them out to customers or leave them in the 800's poetry stacks for customers to take at will.  Thank you for the fabulous site and inspiration!

Sincerely, Christy M., Information Services Specialist
Columbus Metropolitan Library, Whitehall, OH
(Editor's Note: We did send the library a sample of Origami books... and with great pleasure! - Jan Keough)
Origami Poems Project, the sweetest little publishing endeavor we have, ‘changing the world one micro-chapbook at a time.’  Six of my poems in an origami chapbook, proof of love, cover art by Lauri Burke, titled, ‘Speak with the Tongue of the Wild Rose.’
  Received ten copies, all in a first class letter, and I am beyond delighted - will share my copies, including one to a Colorado poet/good friend with end-stage cancer (knowing he’ll love it).  Well done, Jan Keough and The Editors, well done, indeed.  Check 'em out, your poems could help change the world one micro-chapbook at a time!
ayaz daryl nielsen, Colorado, 2/28/2016
I'm really excited about this collection and having it be a part of Origami Poems!
Donald C. Welch III, Brooklyn, NY, 1/6/2016


Pushcart Prize Nominations
We have nominated these six poems and their poets:
The Blue Earrings - Lori Lamothe from "endless after all"
    Sonnet #4 - Donald C. Welch III from “The Post Atomic Sonnets”
I am brief - Garrett Phelan from “Standing where I am”
Blood Moon - Peg Quinn from “Moon Shadows”
Three Strikes - Bill Sullivan from “Three Strikes”
Parting from Wang Wei - Robert Okaji from “No Eye But The Moon’s”
12/6 update - Download these nominated poems as a PDF
 Best of Success to All!   
Origami Poems Project Newsletter
Our December 2016 newsletter : Read here!
 Winter Solstice by Lauri Burke 2016
'December, month of winter solstice, invites us to look at the brilliance of long winter nights with awe. There is a sense of the eternal in nights' blue/black vaulted skies, star studded and cold. A breath of forever in scented dark green pines, their upheld arms dressed in sleeves of snow. When we immerse ourselves in this purity, we remember who we are. Reconnect with how we too shine, perhaps most brightly, in the darkest of months and in the darkest of times.'- Lauri Burke

Read previous Newsletters (Sign up here)   Next newsletter leaves the e-door April 2017
November 4th News -  Just in.
Tina Cane, of Rumford, has been appointed Rhode Island's poet laureate by Gov. Gina Raimondo.

Cane is founder and director of Writers-in-the-Schools RI, an educational program that places professional writers
in public schools to support students as they explore the writing process. 
The Best of Kindness anthology
(41 poems selected from our 2016 contest entries) is available on Amazon.
Cover image by poet/artist, Lauri Burke, "Rainy Cherry Blossoms"
Alphabetical List of Poems & their Poets in this Anthology available here as a PDF
And some reactions to the anthology:
The Kindness Anthology arrived today!!!  Gorgeous!I gave (a friend) a copy...
She is now reading one poem every morning and writing a little meditation essay on it. 
MM, 6/8 RI
It doesn't get better than kindness - this anthology is a rich tapestry
of the many ways kindness can show up.
MR, 6/6 Amazon purchase review
* * *
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Wendles' Cafe & Deli, Franconia NH (seasonal) Display provided by Mary Ann Mayer
Poets' group in Lincoln, NB Wildflour Artisan Bakery & Cafe, Decatur, IL
Cafe 164 at Leeds Gallery & at Cafe in York, UK Self-stocked libraries in RI

♦     Due to the widening perimeter of the Origami Poems Project we are hard pressed to replenish the many locations that have previously visited the (primarily) RI locations.  We are happy to send a sampling of chapbooks for a display but cannot "stock" them on an ongoing basis.  We are grateful for your understanding.  If you wish to volunteer to support a location, please ask...   origamipoems(at)gmail(dot)com  

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