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Peg Quinn

Peg Quinn was raised in rural Nebraska and has lived her so-called adult life in Santa Barbara, California. Viva la difference!

She is a poet, mural painter, award-winning quilter, mixed-media artist, and has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize (2010 & '12).  Peg  works as Art Specialist at a private elementary school.  She is smitten by the creative process and views the arts as society's salvation. Her son is an actor and her daughter composes music. One lucky ride.

Recently, Peg was interviewed by host/producer David Starkey on the Santa Barbara cable program, Creative Community.  Here is the video Link. We loved her closing advice to all artists, "Go deep and don't be afraid to be happy."

 ► Peg's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.


 Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

Moon Shadows


Cover image: 'Brick Wall by Moonlight'
from quilt by Peg Quinn
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{mooblock=Blood Moon}

I don’t know where the moon will rise tonight,
or exactly when, but the Bridge to Nowhere
is lined with cars as I approach the
edge of a mountain,
and people sitting in lawn chairs or
adjusting flashy cameras on tripods
as a peach sunset trumpets a crescendo
and the sky curls over in a gray blanket
enabling stars to dance across night’s stage
while lights lining the ridge of the mesa
sparkle an ancient celebration and
we stand, a united tribe of strangers
breathing night air, and awe and

I don’t know how to find my balance
suspended, between science and magic.
Peg Quinn © 2016


Random Beauty

"Crow" by Peg Quinn
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Background photo by Chris Sims
“The Crow’s Calling”
A Bird Black As The Sun,
California Poets on Crows and Ravens,
Green Poet Press, 2011

“A Lot”
The Independent News, ca. 2000

{mooblock=To the creator of random beauty:}

thank you for dropping by
The black crow
assessing the world
from a blustering mess
of red leaves
against a storm soaked sky
was a reassuring sign
Peg Quinn © 2014


An Aperitif for Silence

Cover "Studio After" by Peg Quinn
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“Mangos” - Reader’s Broadside #3
Poor Souls Press, 2009

{mooblock=Days Beyond Measure}

Wind bounces branches
as I climb to the highest reach
of an apple tree and rest there
scanning flat farmland from
my secluded perch.
I squint at the sun,
bite fruit,

a short walk down a dirt path
leads to a secret tear in the fence
almost overgrown with twisting vine
I squeeze inside
to enter the dark solitude of woods

wander along the edge of a stream
shafts of light angling through trees
and glistening on the scales of a carp.
I slowly float my hand in the cool
waters, fins splash

I close my eyes and bury myself
in a pile of leaves
inhaling the rich, damp scent of earth,
an aperitif for standing silent
near a swarm of bees.

Cicadas wait as I pass.

I lie on my stomach,
tracking ants
on their march to invade
a newly fallen, broken bird.

At the edge of the trees
someone has made a swing
from ropes and wood.
I square my brown shoes on the seat
and pump
until Iʼm high enough to see
long rows of corn converging,
with the horizon.

Air is cooling as the sun lowers.
I hear the whistle of my father, calling.
Untangling slowly from my nest
shadows of my future stretch before me.
Peg Quinn © 2013


One Lucky Ride

Cover "Taped Key" by Peg Quinn
Visit: Peg Quinn Murals on FB
“Ferris Wheel” - ASKEW, #11
 “Ode to a Pear” - Edible Ojai, Winter, '11
"When the Buddha Farmed Nebraska" -
Rattle, Winter ‘11


{mooblock= Expecting Noah }

Welcome to this curious world.
May you find a thrill a minute,
or at least enough to shore your courage up
when requisite heartbreak pulls you under.

I guarantee you’ll be loved, whether
you arrive a future Rhodes Scholar
or, with slightly altered DNA.

No matter how lengthy your stay,
it will be too short.

May your wounds heal quickly,
your laughter thunder, and may
each path you choose lead to
empathy for others.

Your great-great- grandfather
had these words of advice:
There are two choices in life.
You can be happy, or you can be sad.

I think he's right.
Peg Quinn © 2012