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Patrick May


Patrick May grew up in Providence, Rhode Island and attended Boston University, where he penned the controversial column Diaria for the student newspaper. Since graduating, he has completed a feature length film in 2007 called The Grateful Undead and has worked as a debt collector, night watchman, and a census worker.


 Patrick's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poem are available below by clicking the titles.

Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

Midnight Television


{mooblock=Tonight's Episode}

I flip through channels.
I cross great westerns.
I ride Route 66.
Here I am the detective.
Here I am the Fugitive.
I am Cannon. My name is Gunn.
Sniveling cowards are everywhere,
and everywhere they are out to get me.
Sweat and static runs down their nervous faces.
They are afraid because they know
outside of channels they are forgotten.
They only live in here, and they know
they are not long for this world.

Patrick May © 2013