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Robert Graves Jr.

Robert Graves Jr. grew up in Maine, moved to Connecticut in his early 20’s and raised his family there, finally settling in Rhode Island in 2009. His interests are guitar, golf, hiking, poetry and, recently, politics. He graduated from Central Connecticut State University in 1999 with a BA in English and retired from fire/security at United Technologies that same year. 

In 1996, he began doing short stories, essays, and poetry while a freshman at CCSU (at age 53!) and has not had any publication other than editorials in a few magazines and newspapers. Although he tells us that he has "no pedigree regarding my writing experience," he adds, "I do have a few poems posted at Poetry.com and Poemhunter.com."

 ►  Robert's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poem are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

Beginnings - Endings

Cover art: "Dance of Life" collage by Jan Keough


Images of you lay against the flowers
You could not see, could not touch.
They were not joyous, not the brief
Recollections I have of your young soul.
But the soul is eternal and ageless,
Still there behind the tribulations of
That life. In that dreary room, in that
Stark, tired building that embraced
Your last day, there were other
Wounded souls, trapped like fireflies
In a jar, longing to escape those walls.

They spoke revealing to us the flashes
Of your light saved in their hearts
With hopes it might show them
The way to a place without want and
Fear and pain.
And we, outside that jar, were ashamed
That our flesh and blood had not been
Your shelter, a pantry to feed your hungry
Soul, a "living" room to embrace your life.
There is no fear or pain for you in that
New dwelling, but we beg your forgiveness.
We are condemned to carry sadness in this
Life for the loss of your presence.
Robert Graves Jr. © 2013


Words Fail Me

Cover art by Jenny Chava Hudson

{mooblock=Don't Move Me}

Don't move me.
Leave me here in darkness;
Hide me from seductive sun,
Away from colors mocking black and white.
Enfold me in the cool of reason,
Bounded by this finite Earth,
Safe from passion's burn.
Don't move me.
Robert Graves Jr. © 2013


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