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Priya Desikan

Priya Desikan is a life-learner at heart, an unschooling mom and a special educator, in that order! She lives with her family in Chennai, India. Her days are filled with being with her son, amidst penning poems, bird watching, capturing moments on camera, between the pages of a book, cooking up something in the kitchen, pottering around in her little balcony garden, or spinning dreams while watching clouds go by.

She believes that all Life is an exploration of the self, and an expression of the soul. Poetry to her is the bridge between her life and her heart. It is the song that her heart yearns to sing out to the world. Her poems are inspired by her life, solitude, silence and nature, and have a commonplace simplicity about them. Up until now, she has kept her poetry tucked into her own little world of friends and family.

You can connect with her on her blogs, Inner Spaces and My Musings.

Priya's microchap & selected poem are available below.

Origami Microchap

Selected Poem(s)

The Whetstone of Love


Cover Art: Pinned from Esty.com


If only
were fragile,
sand castles -
built with love,
not hate,
on the sunny beaches
of time and space;
to be washed away
slowly and gently
by timeless waves,
that speak to us
of what is
real and alive...
Priya Desikan © 2014