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Robert Muir


Bob Muir was born in Boston, raised in NYC, later returned to New England, and has been a resident of Providence RI for the last 30 years. He retired from the Providence Police force after twenty years of service. Bob is bilingual-Spanish and writes poetry in both English and Spanish. 
While he was on the police force he studied Spanish to do a better job in the Investigative Bureau. During his pursuit of his Spanish degree he discovered his talent for poetry. A talent recognized, and encouraged, by his professor in a Hispanic poetry class.
Bob continues to write poetry in both languages, which language he writes in depends how the poem initially presents itself. At present he teaches Spanish, and a life lesson now and then at a local private High School.

 Bob uses his many experiences he has had as a police officer and of life in general as material for his poetry. It was in his Hispanic poetry class that Bob wrote an Ode to Steven Shaw, which helped him bring closure to the killing of a fellow officer, an investigation in which he was directly involved.

Bob's books are available for printing. See below and click on the titles.


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Poem Titles

Las Letras

Dedicated to my father, who passed on his love of learning, eternal seeking, and endless quest for understanding.   Who spoke, wrote, and translated Chinese, and who, when I was acquiring Spanish shared with me a gem given to him by his teacher:  
"When you acquire another language, you gain another soul."  

The River


The Writings of Stone and Water 

Based on Las Letras by Robert Muir

Damaged in Transit

Dedicated to E., who discovered the courage to find what she needed, and then some.  May knowing that change is possible inspire others to discover their courage, and fledge themselves from their own nests of fear and shame, and begin to chose their own path.

Of Mad Dogs, Clockwork and City Steppes

Haiku: #4