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Donald C. Welch III

Donald C. Welch III is a teaching assistant at the Rebecca School for Autism where he runs the Ultimate Crusaders Poetry Workshop. His current project @SocialLit (https://twitter.com/SocialLit) explores new forms of poetry and collaborative writing derived from Social Media. His collection of children’s poetry Who Gave These Flamingos Those Tuxedos? was published by Emerson College's Wilde Press in 2013.

He has an aubade about the apocalypse forthcoming in the 2016 Winter issue of Window Cat Press. For more on Donald and his work visit: http://donaldcwelch3.tumblr.com



Donald's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poems are available below.  Download the single-page micro-chapbook as a PDF by clicking the title.  To read the selected poem below, also click on the title.

Origami Micro-Chapbook 

Selected Poem(s)

The Post Atomic Sonnets


Cover: Moonrise in the
Sculpture Garden
by Lauri Burke

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Writing I love you I don’t punctuate
no sign can do justice to the meaning
no symbol able to encapsulate
the tender subtleties of my feelings
If I use a period our love ends
you’ve never given me cause to question
exclaiming like lust is brief and intense
we love without pause or interruption
I imagine our words circling back
a sentence repeating —eternity—
so if you or I ever lose our track
I can always find you or you find me
  My love for you exists in no one place
  but everywhere at once in time and space
Donald C. Welch III © 2016



We’ve got seven-hundred cans of black beans,
about ten thousand gallons of water,
a Faraday cage for an EMP,
and chickens out back that we can slaughter.
We’ve got an armory in our basement
and bug out bags hidden on the back porch
together we’ll be ready to face it,
when, inevitably, worst comes to worst.
Still, I can’t prepare for my greatest fear,
as sure as the economic collapse,
when our love eventually disappears
and we’re part of a long forgotten past.
   Even though death makes the effort absurd
   love means defending what can’t be preserved.
Donald C. Welch III © 2016