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Tricia Marcella Cimera

Tricia Marcella Cimera is an obsessed reader and lover of words. Look for her work in these diverse places and elsewhere: The Buddhist Poetry Review, Dead Snakes, Foliate Oak, Fox Adoption, Hedgerow, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Jellyfish Whispers, Mad Swirl, Peeking Cat Poetry, Silver Birch Press, Stepping Stones and Yellow Chair Review.  Her poem “The Swear Poem” will be included in the Chicago Poetry Press/Journal of Modern Poetry’s Poetry of Protest edition (JOMP 19).

Her poetry is publically displayed in installations for the City of Aurora’s Celebration of Poetry in Public Places and the Highland Park Library for April 2016-National Poetry Month.  She recently read at the Elgin Literary Festival. 


Tricia volunteers locally, believes there’s no place like her own backyard, and has traveled the world (including Graceland!).  She lives with her husband and family of animals in Illinois/in a town called St. Charles/by a river named Fox.

Tricia's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.  Download the single-page micro-chapbook as a PDF by clicking the title.  To read the selected poem below, also click on the title.

Origami Micro-Chapbook 

Selected Poem(s)

Boxborough Poems



Boxborough Story previousl published
in Foliate Oak, 2015
Every Origami Micro-chapbook
may be printed, for free,
from this website.


{mooblock=Day Trip}

One of the best things
my family did when we
lived in Massachusetts
was when we went to
for the day:  The rocks,
the ocean, the gulls with
their eerie cries that made
me feel even lonelier.  
Real starfish.  Real
friendly people who
smiled, said hello without —
Tricia Marcella Cimera © 2016



{mooblock=Mrs. March}

In Concord, Mass. I saw Louisa May
Alcott’s brown Orchard House.
I loved Little Women, Jo most of all.
All the March sisters came to life
in that house, I thought with awe.
I never gave a thought to     Mrs.
March    Marmee    steadfast Mother.
Did she stay in bed mornings while her
daughters glanced at each other uneasily?
Did she sit quietly on a kitchen chair
staring out the window unseeingly?
Did she rise suddenly from the table
leaving the meal she cooked untouched,
night after night?  In our brown house,
my mother did.
Tricia Marcella Cimera © 2016





The Sea and a River

Cover: Melusine
by Lauri Burke

Every Origami Micro-chapbook
may be printed, for free,
from this website.

{mooblock=Mudflat Woman } 

I am the Mudflat Woman.
I am the flotsam.
I am the jetsam.
I am what you find
left behind
when the ocean tides
The bone,
the pearl,
the scrap of feather,
the weathered wood,
the claw, the tail, the shell:
what is hard,
what is essential,
what is plain
and unadorned.
See how the waning evening light
shines down,
illuminating the fine
lines and scratches
on every piece
of beautiful
Tricia Marcella Cimera © 2016
Previously published, Reverie Fair, 2015


{mooblock=Panama Hat}

Poor Panama hat.
You used to sit
atop my father’s head.
You had the best view,
slanted to the side,
as we sauntered down the beach.
He loved the warm climes,
the blue blue ocean,
the endless bowl of cloudless sky.
He sang all the old Venezuelan
songs of his past,
we ate fresh fish, drank gold rum.
He touched your brim, held my hand.
Maybe you think
as you sit
in the dark hall closet,
Come back.    
It’s been so long.

Come back.
Tricia Marcella Cimera © 2016