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Rick Henry

Rick Henry was born in Illinois, then moved on to NY, CA, NY, MA, NY, PA, NY, AK, NY, NC, PA, OH, MN, and finally New York.

His collection of prose poems, Then, was recently published by Another New Calligraphy.

His other books include: Lucy's Eggs: Short Stories and a Novella (winner of the 2006 Adirondack Literary Award for Best Work of Fiction); Pretending and Meaning: Toward a Pragmatic Theory of Fictional Discourse, a philosophical inquiry into the pragmatic foundations of fictional discourse, Sidewalk Portrait: Fifty-fourth Floor and Falling, and Chant.


Rick's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poem are available below. Click the title to download the one-page PDF micro-chapbook.

Origami Micro-Chapbook 

Selected Poem(s)



Cover photo by Rick Henry
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{mooblock=Opening Lines}

Parmenides divined the world
with a nail and a string.
One fixed, immutable truth,
wrapping world and thought and speech
but knew no seams.

Lucretias measured the sky with the same,
stringing together the stars in the heavens,
binding the heavens to the earth.
Each burst of light fixed above —
Permanent / firmament.

But Lucretias was mute.
He couldn't tie his thoughts to sounds to paper.
When his memory passed,
the strings were loosed.
Now the heavens slide round the sky
catching here and again a nail,
torn white streak.

Rick Henry © 2016