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Sasha A. Palmer

Sasha A. Palmer (aka Happy) writes blog posts, poetry, and to-do lists.

She tries to follow the motto she has created:
Live for the Love of it!

Visit Sasha at www.sashaapalmer.com




Sasha's Origami microchaps & selected poems are available below.

Origami Microchap

Selected Poem(s)

Cover art: Galaxy
by Sophie Palmer
Poems featured in CAST have previously
appeared on personal blogs.
Every Origami Microchap
may be printed, for free,
from this website.


She used to be a bird once
before she found gravity
cannot be transformed
or shielded against,
before she fell
and touched
the sky.
Sasha A. Palmer © 2017

Cover art by Pip Hartnett

{mooblock=Page Two}

You will rule the stars,
You will ride the Milky Way,
Curb a wild comet.

You will know your moves,
Your mind will be clear, agile,
You will shed your doubts.

The passage of clouds,
The low whisper of twilight
Will render your thoughts.

She’ll stay by your side,
Nature’s daughter, your true love,
No gloss on her lips.

She’ll call you her own,
Honey is too sweet for her,
A hint of pepper.
Alexandra Palmer © 2012