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Brian Beatty

Brian Beatty 
Brian Beatty's jokes, poems, reviews and short stories have appeared in numerous print and digital publications, including The American Journal of Poetry, The Bark, Conduit, Dark Mountain (England), The Evergreen Review, Glasgow Review of Books (Scotland), Gulf Coast, Hobart, McSweeneys, Midwestern Gothic, The Moth (Ireland), Museum of Americana, NOON, Poetry City USA, Publishers Weekly, Quail Bell, The Quarterly, Rain Taxi and Seventeen, among others. 
His writing has also been featured in public art projects and on public radio.
Brian Beatty is the author of the poetry collections Brazil, Indiana and Coyotes I Couldn’t See.

He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Brian's microchap & selected poems are available below. 

Origami Microchap

Selected Poem(s)

The Works  


Brian Beatty CVR The Works 1 2018 

Cover art: Ursa Major

by Lauri Burke



How a Mountain Works

I climbed into a tent.

Ursa Major came and went.


How Loyalty Works

I’ve sat for hours watching

sleeping dogs breathe.


How Poetry Works

Writing in the early morning dark

is the most reliable form of meditation

I know for coaxing the sun to rise.

Brian Beatty © 2018