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Lauri Burke

Artwork by Lauri Burke


Titles L-R:  1st Row  ‘The Sun’s Limb was Lifted' from Tolkein's The Two Towers, Catch the Moon, Šahrzâd, Roistering Daylilies

2nd Row: Over the Lake, What Kind of Day, Wave Energy, Where the Light goes

3rd Row: Mirror and Lipstick

Lauri Burke bought a refurbished i-pad on the cheap after retirement (November 2013) and was thereby able to pursue messing about in the visual arts via an inexpensive app called ePaper. Consonance with my poetry is that both paintings and poems tend toward the 'nature/ecstatic' side of the ledger. Mostly do them though, to make Jan and Lynnie smile.

And visit Lauri Burke's poetry page here.

Lauri's artwork on Andy N's "Mystery Story," and Martin Willitts, Jr.'s "Dedication" - From 'proof of love' and on are all 2015 & 2016 covers by Lauri Burke.