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What is an Origami Poems Micro-chapbook?

The Origami Poems Project publishes Micro-chapbooks. The poems (1 to 6) are arranged on a single sheet of paper and folded, origami-style, into a palm-sized book which is called a micro-chapbook. You may download this PDF (free) to read, print, and share. Folding hints are here.
The Origami Poems Project's 6 nominations for the Pushcart Prize - See Below under "New Poets"
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Origami Poems Project ♦ Poetry Contest Now Open (Thru March 1st)
Theme is Kindness
Up to two original (unpublished) poems per entry - No fee - Prize of Special Origami Micro-chapbook
Submit your Original, Unpublished work through the Green Submission portal (see link below).  Entry should include no more than 2 (two) poems (include in one file).  Name or other identifying info should not appear in the title or body of the submission.

* Poem may be any length but no longer than 50 lines.
* No entry fee. Winners presented with Special Origami Micro-chapbook.
* Notification will be made late March 2016.
* Winning poems (1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention awards) will be included in our April 2016 Newsletter.
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Finalist Judge is CA poet/artist Peg Quinn
Peg Quinn's poetry has been published in numerous journals and anthologies and twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She paints murals and theatrical sets and teaches art at a private school in Santa Barbara, California. Her favorite quote is from a Wendell Berry poem,"Be joyful, though you have considered all the facts."
Submissions Open December 15th 2015 - Close March 1st 2016
Submissions through Green Submissions portal
(Sign-up is Free and you will need to set up a Free account to submit to this Free contest.)

Contest theme inspired by this quote:
"My religion is simple.  My religion is kindness." - Dalai Llama
(Various interpretations on the meaning of this "term" are welcome.)
"String of Micro-chapbooks atop NH mountain"by Mary Ann Mayer

Recent Origami Micro-Chapbooks Published

Every Micro-Chapbook can be dowloaded as a sincle-page PDF; click the Title to read/print/fold.
January 2016
♦  Story by Nettie Farris  ♦
Cover: Girl with Mask by Lauri Burke
Opening Lines
                                                             She composed a little story to
                                                             make sense of it all.
                                                                           She composed a litte story to
                                                                           make sense of it all.
                                                                                             When she was drowning, he 
                                                                                             stood and watched.
                                                                                             Then, when he was
                                                                                             dampened by her splashing,
                                                                                             he distanced himself
                                                                           She thought about calling it
                                                                           Distance, but felt she had
                                                                           enough distance in
                                                                           her life already.
                                                                               Nettie Farris © 2016
Cover: Moon-Mystical by Lauri Burke

Wisdom: a barn without a cat
is overrun by mice
nibbling in the corn.

Moonlight slid under a small wooden bridge
like the low whispers of drunken men
wobbling home
not wanting to wake up their wives
who will curse them out
for spending most of their paycheck.
Martin Willitts Jr. © 2016
Cover: Moonrise in the Sculpture Garden by Lauri Burke

We’ve got seven-hundred cans of black beans,
about ten thousand gallons of water,
a Faraday cage for an EMP,
and chickens out back that we can slaughter.
We’ve got an armory in our basement
and bug out bags hidden on the back porch
together we’ll be ready to face it,
when, inevitably, worst comes to worst.
Still, I can’t prepare for my greatest fear,
as sure as the economic collapse,
when our love eventually disappears
and we’re part of a long forgotten past.
   Even though death makes the effort absurd
   love means defending what can’t be preserved.

Donald C. Welch III © 2016
December 2015
                       ♦ Word Bent Light by Bob Carlton ♦         Aurora by Bobbi Sinha-Morey
                       Cover: Snow Capped Fjord by Lauri Burke       Cover: Study in Blue by Lauri Burke
                                     Luminous Exchange                                       Aurora

                                     Earth tilts                                          My new world is not yet
                                     and the wind warms                           fully awake: birds perch on
                                     in return--                                         limbs to watch the dawn
                                                                                              and dew on the cornstalks
                                     The sun burns                                    turn into sweet, idyllic tears
                                     the leaf edge                                     from a young lass who shyly
                                     brown, the center                              left her hope like the sun
                                     green with processed light,                quietly closes the day. I walk
                                     radiance made flesh,                          my mid-mornings around
                                     the flame embodied                           the field and saw her again,
                                     in the dancing of nerves,                    among dandelions heavy
                                     the churning of cells,                         with sun, picking delphiniums
                                     the twisting of thoughts                     one by one, her flowing white
                                     that reach back out                           taffeta dress pooled at her
                                     to the light again.                              feet; the brown feathered
                                     •                                                       curve of her hair waving
                                     Bob Carlton © 2015                                in the hushed voice of the
                                                                                                                 Bobbi Sinha-Morey © 2015
                         ♦ Fjord by Regina Green ♦                   Corfu Town by Helen Burke
                       Cover: Blue Basin Fjord by Lauri Burke                 Cover: Corfu Patio by Phil Pattinson     
                                    (excerpt)                                                                          (excerpt)
                                    1.                                                          The Poolside Babes
       i remembered when snow would fall more often.              Are keen.  Lean. Lean and mean, sometimes.
        when you could look at a person and see brightness.         All think they are queen.
        the way their hair lay on the pillow. their hands in            Out on the sunbeds at 9 o clock, then dipping
        tight fists to ward off the cold. they say the fjords            Like oily fish in and out of the pool.
        in norway are deeper than the sea around them.              The water shimmers, they shimmer, no – glimmer..
        how the currents are some of the strongest.                     And tremble like locusts in the heat.
        i like thinking about this when your back is turned            Sunshine becomes them, they become sunshine.
        to me.                                                                             The robust Americans, I marvel at them;
-                                                                                      The loose limbs, the flowing hair.                                          
        Regina Green © 2015                                                 -
                                                                                                    Helen Burke © 2015
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A more complete listing of Micro-chapbooks from previous months are on our Recent Books page

All Original poetry published is considered for our annual Pushcart Prize recommendations

The Origami Poets

Welcome Poets New to the Origami Poems Project
...January 2016...
Nettie Farris is the author of Communion (Accents Publishing, 2013) and Fat Crayons (Finishing Line Press, 2015). Her chapbook The Wendy Bird Poems is forthcoming from dancing girl press.
Donald C. Welch III is a teaching assistant at the Rebecca School for Autism where he runs the Ultimate Crusaders Poetry Workshop. His current project @SocialLit (https://twitter.com/SocialLit) explores new forms of poetry and collaborative writing derived from Social Media.
...December 2015...
Regina Green now lives outside Atlanta, Georgia. You can find some of her poems at such nice places as Thistle Magazine Spring 2014 The Courage Issue, One Night Stanzas, Lyre Lyre, Inkscrawl, and BoySlut.

Previous poets new to the OPP

Bobbi Sinha-Morey James Brush • Kim Peter Kovac • Cynthia Anderson • JoyAnne O'Donnell Eugenia Hepworth Petty
(Peruse Pick a Poet page where poets are properly compiled alphabetically by first name - pleasantly)
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Oh-So-Nice Comments

 See "Origami Sightings" page for full list of Nice Comments
I'm really excited about this collection and having it be a part of Origami Poems!
Donald C. Welch III, Brooklyn, NY, 1/6/2016
Thank you for your kindness and enthusiasm and excellent suggestions and belief in my work.
Regina Green, Atlanta, GA, 11/29/2015
Love it!  And as usual, the artwork is completely perfect!
A.J. Huffman, Florida, 11/15/2015
I am so glad I figured out how to download the pdf files... and have been copying a bunch of other people’s books to distribute at LitFuse...  I also posted about this on the Poetry Postcard Fest site on FB as well as my own FB page.   The feeling of meeting a comrade in free poetry! and distribution is mutual.
Until we meet again in the origami garden!
Eugenia Petty, Pacific Northwest, 9/19/15
Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am very excited to be considered for your publication.
Veronica Matsuda, California, 7/13/15
Most happy you liked "I Saw Myself" as it is very dear to me and I was starting lose faith in it after many years out there.
Guy Traiber, Middle-east, 5/25
It gave me a real sense of how, through the internet and your own Origami Press publishing work and spreading the word is really making connections through creative writing on a global scale.
Winston Plowes, England  5/17

December - OPP Newsletter
Above: Bowl of Origamis Montage by Kevin Keough
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   "Loon Lore: In Poetry and Prose" by Bill Sullivan is now available.  You won't need to travel to a secluded lake to find these poems;they'll surface at Grove Street Books.
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Sleuthing for the Painter of Snorri Sturluson by Jan Keough

Google search had let me down. On the hunt for Snorri Sturlson's image (Icelandic poet & historian 1179-1241) to grace an Origami micro-chapbook cover by Nancy Jasper, Google gurgled a slurry of drawings, etchings, and one painting of a contemplative Snorri.  But, alas and alack, no artistic credit revealed.

I prodded Google search again. This time the engines flagged Icelandic author Nancy Marie Brown and her blogsite,
God of Wednesday.  Brown and I swapped emails. She generously forwarded my inquiry to Sigrún G. Þormar, Project Director of the Snorrastofa Cultural Research Center in Iceland. A Center founded in the memory of Snorri Sturluson!
Through Director Þormar I learned that the Snorri portrait artist was Haukur Stefánsson (1901–1953), Iceland born, had moved with family to Winnipeg, Canada and then art schooled in Chicago from 1923-29.  Stefánsson's roommate and best friend in Chicago happened to be Walt Disney.  Ah, obscure no more!  Stefánsson now stands out in my mind as comrade and fellow artist of this most famous cartoonist and artistic entrepreneur.
Turns out that the Snorrastofa Center owns the original painting of Snorri.  (I've added the Center to my bucket list, as you can imagine.)  To my delight, the Center's Project Director concluded his email with this generous offer:  "permission is hereby given by Snorrastofa director, Bergur Þorgeirsson" to use Stefánsson's artwork on Nancy Jasper's Origami micro-chapbook cover...

Now, that's an ending worthy of a Walt Disney classic!

- Jan Keough
* * *
We've been asked, "How do I get an Origami Micro-chapbook?"
Every micro-chapbook can be downloaded as a single-page PDF and printed - for free.  If you don't have a color printer simply choose the "print grayscale" option. Below are Screen Shots of what we mean.
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Cafe 164 at Leeds Gallery & at Cafe in York, UK Self-stocked libraries in RI

♦     Due to the widening perimeter of the Origami Poems Project we are hard pressed to replenish the many locations that have previously visited the (primarily) RI locations.  We are happy to send a sampling of chapbooks for a display but cannot "stock" them on an ongoing basis.  We are grateful for your understanding.  If you wish to volunteer to support a location, please ask...   origamipoems(at)gmail(dot)com  

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