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Recent Origami Micro-Chapbooks Published

For July 2015
Cover: Photo of Sergio Bustamante
‘Face in Hands‘ Sculpture
To the Boy Who Stole My First Kiss

It’s an old story, you and I, hip to hip,
gathering wreckage in that kiss, me
not washing for days after wanting
the scent of both our bodies to sink in
somehow. I’ve so much to learn
about the sharp divide between before
and after, from biting into a fruit-bearing
heart, knowing the past sometimes
runs sweet and the future even sweeter.
(Ariana D. Den Bleyker © 2015)
Ariana is the author of several poetry chapbooks and collections, including Wayward Lines (RAWArt Press, 2015), Strangest Sea (Porkbelly Press, 2015), and Beautiful Wreckage (Flutter Press, 2015).  She the founder and publisher of ELJ Publications.
♦  When it Rains by Howie Good
Cover: Natural Falling Rain Drops
Opening Stanzas
Rain on the way,
a sound no letters can spell.

I was watching it
and thinking,
The most expensive work of art ever,
cast in platinum  
and encased in diamonds.

I stared miserably
at mom’s grave.

For god’s sake,
why put it there,
in the rain?
(Howie Good © 2015)
Howie Good a journalism professor at SUNY New Paltz, is the author of the forthcoming poetry collection Dark Specks in a Blue Sky from Another New Calligraphy (#ANC030 Summer/Fall 2015).
Cover: Cityscape by Helen Burke
Opening Fragment
                                                           Never mind, the days have lengthened already
                                                           to almost summer-height
                                                           and on every tree's highest branch
                                                           or up, up on the aerial
                                                           there's a bright-beaked songster
                                                           reminding us, day without end,
                                                           of the small secret joys. Listen close,
                                                           whisper like the leaves
                                                           newly greening.
(Sara Norja © 2015)
For June 2015
Cover: Google Images
Opening Fragment
                                                           My hand is testing the hurting rain,
                                                           standing on a bone-rock, slew-
                                                           waves at cliff’s edge, searching for rescue.
                                                           Somewhere, out there, is a lover, grains
                                                           of her, a soft fabric, a furthering orbit
                                                           made from stars, none that ever fit.
                                                           This wanting, if she knew its name, this pain,
                                                           would she make me wait, a tool
                                                           needing use? Or would she be a ship
                                                           heading to my island, making her claim?                                                                                                    
(Martin Willitts, Jr. © 2015)
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The Origami Poets

Welcome these Poets the Origami Poems Project
July 2015
Sara Norja
Sara Norja dreams in two languages and has a predilection for tea. Born in England and currently settled in Helsinki, Finland, she is pursuing a PhD in English linguistics. Her poetry has appeared in publications such as Goblin Fruit, Strange Horizons, Through the Gate, Niteblade, and Interfictions.

- Previous poets new to the OPP -
Ethar Hamid Guy Traiber Shree Gupta • Laurie Kolp • Robert Okaji • Rhiannon Thorne
(Peruse Pick a Poet page where poets are properly compiled alphabetically by first name - pleasantly)

Oh-So-Nice Comments

Most happy you liked "I Saw Myself" as it is very dear to me and I was starting lose faith in it after many years out there.
Guy Traiber, Middle-east, 5/25
It gave me a real sense of how, through the internet and your own Origami Press publishing work and spreading the word is really making connections through creative writing on a global scale.
Winston Plowes, England  5/17
I am glad to hear from you. I really liked the draft sent by you and the picture chosen is amazing!
Shree Gupta, India 4/16
Wonderful! You've made my day. I love it. The only thing I could possibly suggest is to perhaps adjust the placement on the page of a few of the poems. ... maybe an "offset" approach might look best? Thanks very much!
Robert Okaji, Texas 4/9

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        Featured Poet
The OPP loves to learn about the poet behind the poet... in this case, Ed Zarenski.

MUSINGS of a Data Junkie - Ed Zarenski

Recently a Tweet by Ed Zarenski floated on the screen:

 If I want you to read my writing, I must tell you what the data shows, not what you or I or anyone wish it to show.

We asked Ed, data junkie & poet, to elaborate -

"I read so much written by so many analysts that seem to be trying to fit the data to their current perspective that it troubles me.  In fact, many analysts do nothing more that parrot headlines which are very often an incorrect interpretation of the underlying conditions.  

It is my opinion that a writer attracts the most appreciative reader, readers who are willing to establish a following, when being true and simple with the data, or in fact with anything they write about.  Certainly applies to poetry also.  
I'm a data junkie in case you couldn't tell. My technical readership is dependent on my ability to properly interpret data, and to look for real and telling trends.  Those trends are almost always NOT represented in the headlines.  

If you've not ever read my technical report, have a look at the section titled "Behind the Headlines" where I debunk some commonly spread mis-information.  Those are good examples of what most writers published monthly or quarterly when the data is released.  People follow me and read my stuff because I am not swayed by the headlines and often give a more in-depth and not so apparent analysis.  
If you don't understand how to read data, you would not be capable of telling people what the data shows, but you could tell them what you want them to hear.  Not my style! I tell people what the data shows.
Thanks for listening.

Click the above cover to download Ed's Haiku collection, 'Thoughts on Caring'

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