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The Origami Poems Project publishes micro-chapbooks. Poems are arranged on a single sheet of paper (PDF) which is then is folded, origami-style, into a palm-sized book. Download the PDF to read and share. Folding hints here.
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Summer Sun by artist Lauri Burke embodies summertime dreams - bright sunshine hemmed in and ready to stay.
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October 2016 -  Just in to our OPP inbox, this exciting news about one of our co-founders:
January 2016: Lynnie Gobeille was nominated for State Poet Laureate of Rhode Island

Success to you, Lynnie!

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Every Micro-Chapbook can be dowloaded as a sincle-page PDF; click the Title to read/print/fold.
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Collections by Mark Danowsky, Ethar Hamid, Daniel Blokh, Jeff Ingram, Tricia M.C. Whitworth, Helen Burke,
Nancy Jasper, Bill Sullivan
October 2016

Cover art: 'City of Dreams - Snow Moon' by Lauri Burke
Cedar Grove (after Wang Wei)
                                                        I sit alone among the cedars,
                                                        play my guitar and hum.
                                                        In this dark forest
                                                        no eye spies me but the moon’s.
                                                        Robert Okaji © 2016
Robert Okaji's poetry has appeared in Panoply, Eclectica, Poetry Breakfast, Clade Song, Otoliths
and elsewhere. He is the author of the chapbook If Your Matter Could Reform (Dink Press),
and the chapbook-length “The Circumference of Other,” which appears in Ides: A Collection
of Poetry Chapbooks (Silver Birch Press), as well as the Origami Poems Project's
You Break What Falls.  He lives in Texas with his wife, two dogs and some books.
Visit his blog, O at the Edges, at robertokaji.com.
Cover art: 'Unearthly Lights' by Lauri Burke
The Blue Earrings
                                                           For months I’ve kept the universe
                                                           in a box. It happens.

                                                           I get tired of infinity
                                                           with its sapphire eyes

                                                           staring out at me
                                                           from behind mirrors.

                                                           But today when I slip on
                                                           all that sea, that sky

                                                           everything immense
                                                           seems a little

                                                           lighter, as if nature  
                                                           isn’t so in-your-face

                                                           endless after all—
                                                           or maybe I’ve just gotten

                                                           used to the idea of
                                                           this big wavering life

                                                           being so damn brief.  
                                                           Lori Lamothe © 2016
Lori Lamothe is the author of three poetry books, including the forthcoming Kirlian Effect
(FutureCycle Press 2017),as well as several chapbooks, most recently Ouija in Suburbia
(dancing girl press, 2015). 
Cover art: 'improvised' by Lauri Burke
A brief history of time
                                                        The clock stops ticking
                                                        at the fake Irish café at Dubai airport.
                                                        Twenty-minute waiting time now and
                                                        I see green still.
                                                        The crowd, the sizzling spirit,
                                                        the cliffs I almost fell off for another Horcrux,
                                                        the poetic lady who will sit next to me
                                                        in the next flight;
                                                        we earn two hours the way back
                                                        as time flows faster towards home
                                                        to make up for we grew younger
                                                        in the last eight days, seven nights.
                                                             Ho Cheung LEE © 2016
Ho Cheung LEE's poetry has appeared in many publications including Ozone Park Journal,
Poetry Pacific, Sierra Nevada Review, The Chaffey Review, Wild Violet and elsewhere.
His short stories have also been published in Eastlit, Miracle Magazine, Nazar Look,
River Poets Journal and The Oddville Press.
Cover photo: Road at Dusk by Isabel Winson-Sagan
                                                                     barely a drop
                                                                     or two
                                                                     of rain
                                                                     I sit
                                                                     on the wooden bench
                                                                     a book which of
                                                                     is not
                                                                     of this time
                                                                     and place
                                                                     a fat
                                                                     slice of rainbow
                                                                     without footed ends
                                                                     like an odalisque
                                                                     across Lama Mountain
Miriam Sagan © 2016
Miriam Sagan is the author of 30 published books, including the novel Black Rainbow
(Sherman Asher, 2015) and Geographic: A Memoir of Time and Space (Casa de Snapdragon, 2016).
She founded and heads the creative writing program at Santa Fe Community College.
Visit her blog Miriam’s Well.
September 2016
Foothills by Mo Soulis
Cover photo: 'Lake Tomahawk' by Kevin Keough
Life -
                                                                          Train rumbling by,
                                                                          distant traffic sounds…
                                                                          Me, I’m sittin’ right here.

                                                                          Long John’s on the line
                                                                          drying in a spring breeze.
                                                                          Free at last!

                                                                          A baby stirs, cries –
                                                                          the morning glory opens.
                                                                          Another day begins.

                                                                         My neighbor doesn’t meditate.
                                                                         How does she find peace -
                                                                         every day in her garden.

                                                                         Winter freight train - icy wheels
                                                                         screech and squeal.
                                                                         Glad my head ain’t glass.
Mo Soulis © 2016
Mo Soulis is retired and lives in western North Carolina.
Cover art: 'Heuchera Leaf' by Lauri Burke
                                                                   is love-in-idleness, the wild card
                                                                   that plays the wild pansy –
                                                                   pulls monkey-faces
                                                                   at children – knows all about
                                                                   affairs of the heart,
                                                                   is Oberon’s flower in Shakespeare;
                                                                   that thrives off neglect....
                                                                   but mostly it's the way
                                                                   you hang your head
                                                                   at the onset of rain
                                                                   that I like the most…
                                                                   and the way you go to bed.
                                                                   Neil Leadbetter © 2016
Neil Leadbetter is an international author, editor, essayist, poet and critic living in Edinburgh, Scotland. See his page for further details.
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July 2016
Cover image: 'Brick Wall by Moonlight' from quilt by Peg Quinn
Driving South on the Freeway, Again
                                                                     Evening unfurled its silents
                                                                     gray sheet of satin
                                                                     as colors faded,
                                                                     the landscape
                                                                     an indifferent witness
                                                                     to the ritual
                                                                     spinning of the planet,
                                                                     fearless in the dark.
                                                                     Peg Quinn © 2016
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                  A more complete listing of Micro-chapbooks from previous months is on our Recent Books page
All Original poetry published is considered for our annual Pushcart Prize recommendations

The Origami Poets

Welcome Poets New to the Origami Poems Project
..October 2016..
♦ Ho Cheun Lee (Peter) Ed.D., resides in Hong Kong where he teaches and writes. His poetry has appeared in aaduna, FIVE Poetry Magazine, Ozone Park Journal, Poetry Pacific, Red Booth Review, Sierra Nevada Review, The Chaffey Review, The Interpreter’s House, The Writing Disorder, Wild Violet and elsewhere. His short stories have also been published in Eastlit, Miracle Magazine, Nazar Look, River Poets Journal and The Oddville Press.
Miriam Sagan is the author of 30 published books, including the novel Black Rainbow (Sherman Asher, 2015) and Geographic: A Memoir of Time and Space (Casa de Snapdragon, 2016). She founded and heads the creative writing program at Santa Fe Community College.
..September 2016..
Mo Soulis is retired and lives in western North Carolina.
Neil Leadbeater is an international author, editor, essayist, poet  and critic living in Edinburgh, Scotland. His short stories, articles and poems have been published widely in anthologies and journals both at home and abroad. His most recent books are Librettos for the Black Madonna (White Adder Press, Scotland, 2011); The Worcester Fragments (Original Plus Press, England, 2013); The Loveliest Vein of Our Lives (Poetry Space, England, 2014), The Fragility of Moths (Bibliotheca Universalis, Romania, 2014) and Sleeve Notes (Bibliohteca Universalis, Romania, 2016). A selection of his poems in Spanish, La Transmissión de la Noche is due to be published in Buenos Aires, Argentina, later this year. He is a regular reviewer for the on-line journal Galatea Resurrects (A Poetry Engagement) (USA) and his work has been translated into Romanian, Spanish and Swedish.
..July 2016..
Christina Sng is a poet, writer, and artist. She began writing haiku and senryu in 2015, finding it meditative and calming amid city life. Her short form poetry has since appeared in many venues worldwide. “A Constellation of Songs” is her first haiku collection.

Read more about her work at http://christinasng.com



..June 2016..
Rick Henry, born in Illinois and now in New York, has a collection of prose poems, Then, which was recently published by Another New Calligraphy. His other books include: Lucy's Eggs: Short Stories and a Novella (winner of the 2006 Adirondack Literary Award for Best Work of Fiction); Pretending and Meaning: Toward a Pragmatic Theory of Fictional Discourse, a philosophical inquiry into the pragmatic foundations of fictional discourse, Sidewalk Portrait: Fifty-fourth Floor and Falling, and Chant.
Poets new to the OPP
James Croal Jackson  •  ayaz daryl Nielsen  •  Joan Leotta  • Tricia Marcella Cimera  •  Mark Danowsky
(Peruse Pick a Poet page where poets are properly compiled alphabetically by first name - pleasantly)
We received an email in March from Assistant Troop Leader, Jennifer Basile.  Jennifer and her daughters had visited the Origami Poems display ('manned' by Lynnie Gobeille) at the Charlestown Farmers' Market!  She asked the OPP for help with the cadettes' Book Artist Badge.  See more on our Random Acts page.

Oh-So-Nice Comments

 See "Origami Sightings" page for full list of Nice Comments

Looks great. As usual, Ms. Burke's cover art matches the content beautifully.
Bob Carlton, Texas, 6/18/2016
Thanks for all the work you do!
Rick Henry, New York, 6/15/2016
I just happened upon your site when looking for an April is Poetry Month project for our teens in the library. I would love to be able to have a micro-chapbook display. I see that there are "self-stocked" libraries in Rhode Island but I know it is too late for me to request a sampling.

I would like to make sure that it is okay for us to use the PDF printables and hold a "pay it forward" in the library. So, our teens would fold the PDF's that we print off and pass them out to customers or leave them in the 800's poetry stacks for customers to take at will.

Thank you for the fabulous site and inspiration!

Sincerely, Christy M., Information Services Specialist
Columbus Metropolitan Library, Whitehall, OH
(Editor's Note: We did send the library a sample of Origami books... and with great pleasure! - Jan Keough)
Origami Poems Project, the sweetest little publishing endeavor we have, ‘changing the world one micro-chapbook at a time.’  Six of my poems in an origami chapbook, proof of love, cover art by Lauri Burke, titled, ‘Speak with the Tongue of the Wild Rose.’
  Received ten copies, all in a first class letter, and I am beyond delighted - will share my copies, including one to a Colorado poet/good friend with end-stage cancer (knowing he’ll love it).  Well done, Jan Keough and The Editors, well done, indeed.  Check 'em out, your poems could help change the world one micro-chapbook at a time!
ayaz daryl nielsen, Colorado, 2/28/2016
I'm really excited about this collection and having it be a part of Origami Poems!
Donald C. Welch III, Brooklyn, NY, 1/6/2016


The Best of Kindness anthology
(41 poems selected from our 2016 contest entries) is available on Amazon.
Cover image by poet/artist, Lauri Burke, "Rainy Cherry Blossoms"
Alphabetical List of Poems & their Poets in this Anthology available here as a PDF
And some reactions to the anthology:
The Kindness Anthology arrived today!!!  Gorgeous!
I gave (a friend) a copy... She is now reading one poem every morning and writing a little meditation essay on it. 
MM, 6/8 RI
It doesn't get better than kindness - this anthology is a rich tapestry of the many ways kindness can show up
MR, 6/6 Amazon purchase review
* * *
Poet/artist, silent lotus, sent us a photo of his copy of The Best of Kindness after it arrived at his New Jersey home.

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We've been asked, "How do I get an Origami Micro-chapbook?"
Every micro-chapbook can be downloaded as a single-page PDF and printed - for free.  If you don't have a color printer simply choose the "print grayscale" option. Below are Screen Shots of what we mean.
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Micro-Chapbook Display Locations

Wendles' Cafe & Deli maintained by Mary Ann Mayer ♦ 
Wendles' Cafe & Deli, Franconia NH (seasonal) Display provided by Mary Ann Mayer
Poets' group in Lincoln, NB Wildflour Artisan Bakery & Cafe, Decatur, IL
Cafe 164 at Leeds Gallery & at Cafe in York, UK Self-stocked libraries in RI

♦     Due to the widening perimeter of the Origami Poems Project we are hard pressed to replenish the many locations that have previously visited the (primarily) RI locations.  We are happy to send a sampling of chapbooks for a display but cannot "stock" them on an ongoing basis.  We are grateful for your understanding.  If you wish to volunteer to support a location, please ask...   origamipoems(at)gmail(dot)com  

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