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What is an Origami Poems Micro-chapbook?

An Origami Micro-chapbook presents poems arranged on a single sheet of paper that is folded, origami-style, into a palm-sized book.  Download the PDF books to print, read and share. 
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Recent Origami Micro-Chapbooks Published

For January 2015
♦  The Lilac City by Sandy Benitez
Cover photo: Lilacs Blooming with Blue Sky

Rose Hill

After 16 years, the roses remain.
Do you remember the pebbled path
that led us back to where we began;
a casual stroll, mindful of stray thorns.
One of your friends married at Rose Hill
only to divorce one year later. All those
roses gathered around could not perfume
a sweet romance gone sour. Even a lone
sun dial couldn’t turn back time to bliss.
If we ever return, we’ll walk the same
pebbled path; tracing our steps in youth,
every moment together a blooming rose.
Sandy Benitez © 2015
♦  Inside a Dog's Head by Helen Burke
Cover art by Helen Burke
From  'The Kindness of Dogs'
You say it and it is true.
Dogs are kind.
They buy small dog treats for each other.
They hold doors open for cats.
They run rings around the moon,
Bury the sun in the sand and throw sticks
For the stars.
Dogs are kind.
They put paws on your knees on bad days.
They hold a light out to you in their eyes.
They run to the top of the mountain and bark
“Which stone did you want?? which one??”
And race back down with it and
Place it gently at your feet.
Helen Burke © 2014


December 2014 we presented:
♦  Stone by Corey Mesler
Cover: Photo by nemo.star
Selection from Stone "Coda: Gift"
A child will bring a stone home
and keep it as if
it were a precious gem. This
is the understanding
of the world we lose as we age.
On my desk is a desiccated
flower, a gift from
my daughter, the bestowing angel,
and the stone, now here, conferred.
Corey Mesler © 2014
Acknowledgment: “Coda: Gift” in Pegasus
♦  Silent Work by Martin Willitts Jr.
Cover: Imperial tortoise beetle
Opening Lines to Silent Work
There is patience in the rush of irises across the fields
like planting of love between two people —
It is deep work — like roots for plants,
like a barn’s loose nail needing hammering,
or a fence sags from neglect.

Silence need not be a sullen work.
A deep well always replenishes,
drawing up a full bucket with a rope that never frays.
But just like pulling the rope
on a hot and thirsty day can seem to take forever,
you need patience to bring love that long distance.
Martin Willitts Jr. © 2014
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The Origami Poets

Welcome poets new to the Project
Sandy Benitez
Sandy Benitez is the founder and editor of Flutter Press, Flutter Poetry Journal, and Poppy Road Review. She's been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Dzanc's Best of the Web, and Best of the Net. Sandy has authored six poetry chapbooks and has appeared in three anthologies.  
(Peruse Pick a Poet page where poets are properly compiled alphabetically by first name - pleasantly)

Oh-So-Nice Comments


I was at a store today promoting my books. As a part of my program, I gave away copies of my Origami Poetry Projects. Luckily I made copies. I gave away over 100 copies of my poems as well as 100 copies of other poets from the project ... I did not sell too many books, but I sold some and used your books to promote my books at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Origami books were all wiped out. If I had more, I would have given away more. Everyone liked what you have done with the project. I suggested that they go to your site to see what else you have to offer.
I wanted to let you know the success of your program.
Martin Willitts, Jr., New York 12/5/2014
Got the chapbooks! They are wonderful, Can't wait to hand a bunch out at my next reading (btw you blew my mind with the folding technique you used)
Tom Pescatore, Virginia 11/18/2014
I am honoured and delighted that you have chosen to nominate "Dreaming, Mostly of Nameless things" for the Pushcart.  Just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart: thank you!  I wasn't expecting this in the least.
K. Srilata, India, 11/9/2014
- - -
Origami Poems Project
♦ Pushcart Prize Nominations ♦
 We're honored to nominate the following poems...

Dreaming, Mostly, of Nameless Things  -  K. Srilata
I am being testedStar Ferrin
Primavera  -  Ira Schaeffer
Past Tense Bill Carpenter
Bereft MJ Iuppa
Love Is Breathing  –  Martin Willitts, Jr.

We wish to thank these poets for sharing their work with the OPP.
Read these nominated poems in this downloadable PDF.
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"Winter 2015" Issue

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        The Poet’s Corner
The OPP loves to know the story behind the story - or poetry collection in this instance. 

Winston Plowes - On the Origins of his OPP book, Extras

Three years ago, on a day when the mist hung in the air and my old van chugged past the cinema in my hometown of Hebden Bridge I looked to my right and through the steaming up window glimpsed someone with a huge white dog wearing a green coat. For some reason this image lodged in my mind for weeks to come and in time I started to write, just four lines at first. In fact, try as I may, no more lines would come. The following year I was looking through a folder marked “work in progress” and found the words again. Still unable to expand the original short piece I thought it might be the first of a series of ‘snap-shot’ poems: Glimpses into a freeze frame moment in someone’s daily routine. I wrote eight and stopped.

    Fast-forward now almost three years! When on one late summer night in 2014 I saw the woman and the dog again. Despite not seeing them for such a long time I instantly recognised them and this time we spoke. Walking home that night Extras was born and thanks to the young woman with white dog and Lynnie and Jan at The Origami Poetry Project you are reading this now.

Winston Plowes               

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Recent Publications by OPP Poets

  Howie Good's latest collection, Fugitive Pieces.  All proceeds from the sales of which go to support the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley.  Purchase from Lulu.
   David Miller's chapbook, The Afterimages, is being published by Červená Barva PressHis poems have appeared in print (Meat for Tea, Stone Soup Presents, Ibbetson Street), online (Muddy River Poetry Review, Wilderness House Literary Review), and has three "micro-chapbooks" available from the Origami Poems Project website. David was a member of the multidisciplinary Mobius Artists Group of Boston for 25 years, and is a librarian at Curry College in Milton, Mass.
   Helen Burke's latest chapbook, Here's Looking at You Kid, is subtitled Poems by Request.  Her new collection brings together poems from a vast selection both tested on and requested by her audience during her many tours.  Order on Amazon (buy using the AmazonSmile 'donate to OPP'). Valley Press UK publisher.  An excerpt:
            "Is the sun allowed here?" I once asked me dad,
             and even though he knew it wasn't
             he pulled his collar high and
             looked all around -
             then put it in his pocket just for me."
    Mary Ann Mayer's long-awaited collection, Salt & Altitudes, is now available through Finishing Line Press.  Fred Marchant, Author of The Looking House (Graywolf Press) writes:  “What is harmony”, asks Mary Ann Mayer, “but near collision?” In these finely wrought and emotionally nuanced poems, the desire for the transcendent “altitudes” collides with the experiential knowledge that we face inevitable limits and frailties, the “salt” in our lives. Out of these collisions, there sometimes comes, says Mayer, a greater wholeness, “a spin into alignment.”

     Templates: collected poems is Bill Carpenter's extensive compilation from the past twenty years and presents the best of his craft.  Available from the author at PO Box 795, Chepachet RI 02814 for $15.00 + $3.00 S&H (US) - or e-mail Bill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"The poems in this collection will stay with you long after you’ve closed the book." - Lynnie Gobeille, Origami Poems Project


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